Prisoner of the Indies

Prisoner of the Indies

The Adventures of Miles Philips as Told by Geoffrey Household

by Geoffrey Household, Warren Chappell (Illustrator)
©1968, Item: 69446
Hardcover, 203 pages
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Miles Philips is but a lad of thirteen when he sets sail aboard the Jesus of Lubeck from Plymouth on the second day of October, 1567. An eager youth willing to learn, he is ready to be of service to Mr. John Hawkins, renowned privateer, adventurer, transporter of African slaves, and general of the fleet of six vessels. But treachery and ambush await them across the ocean in New Spain, and Miles watches in horror as the ship dies bravely in battle at San Juan de Ulua. Forced to make a choice between almost-certain starvation aboard the lone, crippled vessel and taking his chances on land, Miles chooses the latter—setting out on an extraordinary adventure that will test his courage and his wiles as he attempts to find his way back home.

Based firmly in history, Geoffrey Household’s classic adventure brings a sixteenth-century world of discovery and danger to breathtaking life. A riveting and evocative tale brimming with action and color, Prisoner of the Indies is a magnificent journey back in time that readers of all ages will find impossible to put down.

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