Principles of Mathematics Book 1 - Student Text

Principles of Mathematics Book 1 - Student Text

Biblical Worldview Curriculum

by Katherine A. Loop
Publisher: Master Books
Student, ©2015, ISBN: 9780890518755
Trade Paperback, 420 pages
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Lost in the mechanics of math? Unsure why you have to learn different math concepts or how to prepare for high school math? Wanting math to be more interesting? Wishing you could finish your math lesson awed at God’s greatness? Experience the difference truly understanding the principles of mathematics can make!

This is the first year foundation course of a two-year math program designed to give students a firm mathematical understanding, both academically and spiritually. This curriculum consists of the Student Textbook and the Student Workbook. It is designed to be self-taught, so students should be able to read the material and complete assignments on their own, with a parent or teacher available for questions. The Student Workbook contains all the worksheets, quizzes, and tests, along with an answer key and suggested schedule.

This curriculum is aimed at grades 6-8, fitting into most math approaches the year or two years prior to starting high school algebra. If following traditional grade levels, Year 1 should be completed in grade 6 or 7, and Year 2 in grade 7 or 8.


  • Biblical Worldview: Discover how the very existence of the math concepts proclaims the faithfulness of God…and experience the joy of using math to explore God’s creation.
  • Solid Foundation for High School Math and Real Life: Learn why the rules you’ve been memorizing work…and get practice applying those skills to real-life settings as you build problem-solving skills.
  • History, Science, and Real-Life Connections:Find the height of a tree without leaving the ground, use negative numbers to describe the force on objects, explore historical multiplication methods, apply math to music, and much more!

Upon completion of Year 1, students will be ready to move on to Year 2. Upon completion of both years, students should be prepared to begin or return to any high school algebra course. However, there are other ways this course can be used to help guide students. Both Year 1 and 2 could be completed in one year for a more intensive study, or either course can also be done as an intensive summer study to provide a refresher for basic math proficiency.

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