Primary Mathematics 5A - Intensive Practice

Primary Mathematics 5A - Intensive Practice

Publisher: Singapore Math
U. S. Edition, ©2004, Publisher Catalog #D_PMIPUS5A
Consumable Workbook, 108 pages
Price: $12.80

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This optional workbook offers one set of problems for each topic in Primary Mathematics 5A. Each topical exercise has questions of varying levels of difficulty, but the difficulty level is usually higher than that in the Primary Mathematics textbook or workbook. Some of the word problems are quite challenging and require the students to extend their understanding of the concepts and develop problem solving abilities. There is also a section called "Take the Challenge!" with non-routine problems that can be used to further develop students' problem solving abilities.

Answers are located in the back of the book.

Topic 1 - Whole Numbers
Topic 2 - Multiplication and Division by a 2-digit Whole Numbers
Topic 3 - Fractions
Topic 4 - Area of Triangle
Topic 5 - Ratio
Topic 6 - Angles
Mid-Year Review
More Challenging Problems


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