Primary Mathematics 3A - Home Instructor's Guide

Primary Mathematics 3A - Home Instructor's Guide

by Jennifer Hoerst
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 155 pages
Price: $19.50

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This guide is meant to help instructors using Primary Mathematics 3A when teaching one student or a small group of students. It should be used as a guide and adapted as needed.

It contains:

  • Objectives
  • Notes to the instructor, providing added explanation of concepts
  • Instructional ideas and suggested activities
  • Game ideas to reinforce concepts from the corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks
  • Homework assignments
  • Answers and solutions to all the learning tasks, workbook exercises and reviews and textbook practices and reviews

Included is a suggested weekly schedule and pages for mental math (in the appendix). Practices and reviews in the text can, for the most part, be done independently by the student. Some can be used as part of the lesson. Since some of the practice questions are challenging, they provide good opportunities for discussion . The mental math pages can be used as worksheets and many can be done orally. They can be used any time after they are referenced in this guide and can be used more than once.

This guide can be used with both the U.S. edition and the third edition of Primary Mathematics. Items specific to either edition, such as different answers, different page numbers, and different exercise numbers, are clearly indicated. U.S. spellings are used in this guide, and answers involving number words use the current U.S. convention of reserving the word "and" for the decimal and not using it in number words for whole numbers.

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