Primary Mathematics 3 - Challenging Word Problems

Primary Mathematics 3 - Challenging Word Problems

by Joseph D. Lee
U. S. Edition, ©2004, Publisher Catalog #PMCWPUS3
Consumable Workbook, 129 pages
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This optional workbook has word problems only. The problems are topically arranged, with the topics following the same sequence as Primary Mathematics 3A and 3B. Each topic starts with three worked examples, followed by practice problems and then challenge problems. Although the computation skills needed to solve the problems are at the same level as the corresponding Primary Mathematics books, the problem solving techniques necessary in the challenge section are sometimes more advanced, with the problems requiring more steps to solve. It is a good source of extra word problems that can be discussed in a classroom setting or used as enrichment problems for more capable students. Answers are in the back of the book.

  • Follows the sequence of topics in the Primary Mathematics U. S. Edition syllabus
  • Contains Worked Examples, Practice Problems, Challenging Problems, Review Problems and Answer Key
  • Helps students improve their ability to solve word problems
  • Helps students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies
  • Builds up students' confidence in tackling word problems


Table of Contents
Weight - Worked Example
Weight - Practice Problems
Weight - Challenging Problems
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