Primary Mathematics 2B - Teacher's Guide

Primary Mathematics 2B - Teacher's Guide

Publisher: Singapore Math
2nd Edition, ©2004, Publisher Catalog #D_PMTG2B
Spiralbound, 149 pages
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This guide for the Primary Math 2B textbook and workbook is designed to help teachers understand the course material, see how each section fits in with the curriculum as a whole, and prepare the day's lesson. The course material is divided into 80 sessions. These sessions can be combined, if necessary, to finish the curriculum by the end of the semester, by spending less time on class participation or discussion, or not having as many problems for practice during class time.

This guide can be used with both the U.S. edition and the third edition of Primary Mathematics. U.S. conventions and spellings are used in this guide, such as using commas for thousands and colons for time, and not using "and" in writing out whole numbers in words. However, any items specific to either edition, such as different answers, different page numbers, and different exercise numbers, are clearly indicated.

This guide includes some worksheets, which can be copied for single class use only.

Suggested Materials

A number of manipulatives are suggested. Uses for these are explained in the guide.
  • Counters
  • Number discs
  • Hundreds board
  • Base-10 blocks
  • Number cubes
  • Number cards
  • Connect-a-cubes
  • Money
  • Store cards
  • Fraction circles, squares
  • Clock
  • Measuring tools
  • 3-dimensional shapes


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