Primary Mathematics 1B - Home Instructor's Guide

Primary Mathematics 1B - Home Instructor's Guide

by Jennifer Hoerst
Publisher: Singapore Math
Spiralbound, 104 pages
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This Home Instructor's Guide was written to help you to understand the important concepts of the Primary Mathematics 1 curriculum, to gain an understanding of how these concepts fit in with the program as a whole, to provide suggestions to help you to introduce concepts concretely and use the textbook effectively, and to provide suggestions for additional activities for reinforcement and practice. You should pick and choose the activities that are most useful for your particular student—you do not have to do every activity. Ideally, you would do some of the teaching activities as a concrete introduction to the topic, then do the textbook pages with your child, and then do the reinforcement activities when or as needed.

This guide will give you a suggested amount of time in weeks to spend on each unit. It does not provide daily lessons. Since you are working with one or a few students, you have the opportunity to spend as much or as little time as needed on a particular concept. For some units, your child may be able to do the work more quickly, and for others more slowly. Take the time your student needs on each topic. There is plenty of time for additional practice. One "lesson" in the guide can take 1-3 days, depending on your child. For example, if the lesson has 2 workbook exercises, you can take 2 days, using reinforcement activities the second day.

The guide contains:

  • notes to the instructor with some mathematical background for each section in the textbook
  • objective of each lesson
  • teaching activities using manipulatives
  • reinforcement activities which often include a game
  • answers to corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks for the lesson, to be discussed with the student
  • answers to the corresponding workbook exercises


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