Primary Language Lessons

Primary Language Lessons

by Emma Serl
Hardcover, 148 pages
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Teaching your children proper English—Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons makes it easy, even for the novice.

An experienced teacher of the early twentieth century, Emma Serl recognized the two things necessary for teaching proper English: capture the child's interest and drill, drill, drill. Primary Language Lessons is a drill book, but with a difference. Imaginative lessons and short, jargon-free instructions for teachers make it a pleasure for both student and teacher—especially when the teacher is a home schooling mom.

What makes this book different?

Good literature. Emma Serl makes liberal use of writings by the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson and Samuel Taylor Coleridge as well as fables, folklore and maxims.

Famed artwork. Using reproductions of prominent paintings, Miss Serl trains children in observation and discussion. A unique approach to teaching oral language skills, it helps train children in art appreciation as well.

Comprehensive lessons and drills in the things parents want their children to master. The exercises here cover proper English usage, composition, punctuation, memorization, speaking, letter writing, dictation, reading and etiquette in writing.

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