Praying Life

Praying Life

by Paul Miller
Publisher: NavPress
Trade Paperback, 288 pages
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This is one of the most honest books about prayer you'll ever read. Paul E. Miller doesn't know about prayer primarily as a theologian, but as a man who has learned how to pray, largely in response to suffering in his life. This isn't just the story of a man who's arrived: it's the sometimes harrowing story of a man who had to get past cultural and personal roadblocks to prayer.

The text is littered with extremely helpful insights.

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Summary: Prayer is one of the most difficult spiritual disciplines for many Christians, but Miller's insights and experiences can help change that for you.

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  Such A Freeing Book!
Amanda Evans of Mulino, OR, 6/4/2014
Some questions I had about prayer:

Should I pray out loud? Is just thinking a prayer really praying?

What does praying daily practically look like?

When I try to pray I tend to lose focus and my thoughts wander. How can I really have a conversation with God?

What about prayers that God doesn't answer?

...and more, but Paul Miller answered them all in this highly readable book. Paul Miller describes life as a story with God as the author. When we pray, we are putting the pen in His hands rather than trying to write our life's story the way we want it to go. God is at work in this distracting world, but we get so caught up in trying to make it day to day that we miss seeing His hand protecting, providing, directing and loving. But if we take a moment to stop and talk to God we see more of it and we can just watch in awe and wonder—even the hard things...especially the hard things. And the more we pray about things, the more we are given opportunities to be used by Him, to be the tools He uses to bring His Kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven."

This book was especially helpful to me as a parent. It helped me put my children in God's hands where I can watch Him take care of them, often through me and the wisdom He gives me to teach them, but mostly through faith in His everlastingly faithful love.