Practical Graphic Design

Practical Graphic Design

by Paul Bunch, Melvin Peterman
Spiralbound, 153 pages
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In this book you will find an introduction to graphic design fundamentals. As a student, you will learn that creativity in the field of graphic design (the ability to continually come up with visually appealing layouts) is not a nebulous, magical thing that people have no control over. You can be a good graphic designer if you learn specific, tried and true techniques and principles much the same way you learn multiplication tables and rules of grammar. This book will show you some of those techniques and principles. Of course, as with any skill, it helps if you have an interest in the subject, also.

Through concise descriptions, entertaining sidebars, and numerous visual samples you will begin to understand the concept that graphic design all revolves around type and graphic objects (such as photos, illustrations, borders, logos, etc.). You will learn that a set of specific elements of design (design tools) can be used in conjunction with a set of specific principles of design (design rules) to help you work with type and graphic objects. By learning certain techniques and principles you will be able to create a layout that stands out from other layouts on a page or in a magazine and pulls people down a visual path of elements in order of their priority. You will discover how to make what you have to say easier to read and understand. Just like other subjects you learn, practice will increase your skill, so there are design projects at the end of each chapter to get you into a hands-on experience.

Practical Graphic Design guides you through this self paced, self taught workbook at least to a point where you will know if you are interested in further pursuit as a possible career option. You will be given the tools required to continue in more depth to the specific areas of interest.

Key Benefits:

  • Introduction to graphic design concepts
  • Reference material
  • Opens career options
  • Life skill
  • Provides basis for presenting information clearly
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Promotes self-directed learning
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