Practical Drafting

Practical Drafting

Applied Engineering Graphics Workbook

by Melvin Peterman
Softcover Textbook, 136 pages
Current Retail Price: $38.00

A natural extension of the Complete-A-Sketch series, this book uses the same proven, hands-on, self-study method to introduce older students or adults to many different applications of drafting—the language of engineering. Drafting is just one tool that is used in many different engineering, construction, and technical fields. And although it alone will rarely be a career, it will always be a part of technical work.

Practical Drafting is designed to be used by students without outside instruction. The student learns by observing, reasoning, and doing real work. The work is designed to help and to promote the use of both hand and computer drafting skills, so all the lessons in this book may be accomplished either using hand alone, or on the computer with CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. The author strongly recommends doing it first by hand, using manual drafting tools (which he offers on his website), and then using a CAD program (he recommends TurboCAD) once the student is comfortable with manual drafting.

Key Benefits:

  • Introduction to engineering concepts
  • Reference material
  • Opens career options
  • Life skill
  • Provides basis for precision drawings
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Promotes self-directed learning
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