Practical Christian Living Volume II - CD

Practical Christian Living Volume II - CD

Canon Audio
by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
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Every Christian wants to live a Gospel-filled life.

All too often, however, we second guess ourselves. We assume that because our old sinful life was hard, our new Christian life must be harder. And when confronted with difficult questions—questions like "How can I know if I'm really saved?" and "Is there a way to overcome the guilt of sexual sin?"—we give ourselves headaches by fumbling for answers.

But this is not how it ought to be. As Pastor Wilson again reminds us in these eight sermons, the commands of God are simple. He is a Father who wants us to grow in maturity, to become children who have complete trust in Him and live boldly without fear or worry.

Sermon titles:

  1. Living in the Will of God
  2. Christ Hidden in Your Calling
  3. Assurance of Salvation
  4. Sexual Guilt
  5. Forgiven and Forgiving
  6. Restitution
  7. Reformed Evangelism
  8. Hospitality/Friendship Evangelism

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