Practical Business Launch

Practical Business Launch

by Alexis Mason, Rusty Lee
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Practical Business LaunchTM is an etextbook for those with a desire to start their own business. In these pages, you will discover how to find your passion and determine what business is right for you. Also, you will learn how to establish a positive online identity and develop your own website. Practical Business LaunchTM includes suggestions on creating a memorable tagline for your business, which will become a critical component of your marketing success. Another benefit of this book is its' compressive discussion on branding and how important building your brand will be in establishing yourself in the marketplace. If you've ever wondered what it takes to start your own business, this book is for you! Full of information on maximizing the benefits of the internet and developing marketing materials, Practical Business LaunchTM is a great resource for new business owners. Are you ready? Open up these pages and get started on your journey. Explore, dream and discover!

System Requirements: -A computer with a CD drive
-Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 10 or higher installed. May also use other compatible PDF readers.
-Able to open .xls or .ods files

Age / Grade: 13 and up / Junior High through High School

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