Practical Accounting Fundamentals

Practical Accounting Fundamentals

by Lori Peterman
Spiralbound, 171 pages
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Accounting is the basis of financial communication, and it is an important skill to have or to understand no matter what your final career choice may be. This is true in personal life as well as it is for business.

Practical Accounting Fundamentals is a no frills, succinct explanation of the basic principles and methods in accounting. This course, plus some instruction in accounting software, should enable a person to keep the books of their own small business, or perhaps fill a bookkeeping position. Each chapter explains a concept and gives examples with exercises to practice. The book also includes tests, complete with answer keys. No other instruction is required. Self-motivation is required as the course is set up simply as a self-study guide!

In comparison to the AOP Lifepac Accounting, this book is a little harder to read, and there are parts that could be potentially baffling to a student with no accounting background whatsoever (the explanation of the Statement of Cash Flows especially). Still, the book is roughly equivalent to a first basic accounting principles class at a community college and is a good introduction for students to the basic principles of accounting and the possibilities of career options.

Key Benefits:

  • Introduction to accounting concepts
  • Reference material
  • Opens career options
  • Life skill
  • Provides basis for business transactions
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Promotes self-directed learning
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