Powder Keg

Powder Keg

A Story of the Bermuda Gunpowder Mystery

by Donald E. Cooke
Publisher: John C. Winston
First Edition, ©1953, Item: 80825
Library Rebind, 179 pages
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POWDER! This desperate cry flared up with the sparks of rebellion at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Young Tom Rawlins heard it above the booming of British cannon and the crackle of musketry as he and his brother faced the redcoats storming the American redoubts. Wounded, Tom saw the colonials crumble before the third British attack—all for want of gunpowder.

Tom did not know he would soon be sailing out of Boston harbor under the guns of the British fleet, bound on a dangerous quest for powder. The brig Arabella steered for Bermuda and one of the most amazing adventures in early American history.

Blazing with thunderous action and smoldering with suspense, this tale of a daring Yankee raid on Bermuda's powder magazine traces a pattern of action and breathless intrigue from beginning to end.

Powder Keg is one of the Winston Adventure Books—a series of tales based on the little-known incidents and nearly forgotten lives of unsung heroes that helped shape history. Each book—with all the entertainment value of a good novel—tells a story that is fresh, and, though not adequately covered in histories, has been thoroughly documented and is authentic in every detail.

—from the dust jacket

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