A Treatise on Government

by Aristotle
Publisher: Dover Publications
Mass market paperback, 355 pages
Price: $7.00

What is the relationship of the individual to the state? What is the ideal state, and how can it bring about the most desirable life for its citizens? What sort of education should it provide? What is the purpose of amassing wealth? These are some of the questions Aristotle attempts to answer in one of his most intellectually stimulating works.

Both heavily influenced by and critical of Plato's Republic and Laws, Politics represents the distillation of a lifetime of thought and observation. "Encyclopaedic knowledge has never, before or since, gone hand in hand with logic so masculine or with speculation so profound," says H. W. C. Davies in his introduction. Students, teachers, and scholars will welcome this inexpensive edition of the Benjamin Jowett translation (1905), as will all readers interested in Greek thought, political theory, and depictions of the ideal state.

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