Politics of Guilt & Pity

Politics of Guilt & Pity

by Rousas John Rushdoony
Hardcover, 371 pages
Price: $20.00

What is back of the almost irrational behavior of modern man—the widespread psychosomatic sickness, gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, the wave of do-good-ism, the condoning of crimes and lawlessness? Rushdoony interprets these as devices of masochism and self-atonement.

Man has trampled God's laws under foot. In doing so, he has misused himself and trampled on the God-given rights of his fellowman. He is conscious of his guilt, and seeks self-justification through self-atonement.

The author makes it perfectly clear that there is only one way of escape from the present slough of despair. It is in turning in heartfelt repentance to God who has already provided atonement in the sacrifice of His Son. And true repentance includes a return to the doing of God's will as revealed in God's Word, the Bible.

"Rushdoony sounds the clarion call of liberty for all who remain oppressed by Christian leaders who wrongfully lord it over the souls of God's righteous ones. I pray that the entire book will not only instruct you in the method and content of a Biblical worldview, but actually bring you further into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Those who walk in wisdom's ways become immune to the politics of guilt and pity."Steve Schlissel, from the foreword

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