Poetry Patterns & Themes

Poetry Patterns & Themes

by Orndorf
Trade Paperback, 96 pages
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Poetry Patterns is a resource that all teachers can utilize to more effectively teach poetry to their students.

The poetry forms presented include familiar forms such as:

  • couplets
  • cinquain
  • diamonte
  • free verse
  • limericks
  • haiku

Unusual forms include:

  • animal prayer poetry
  • inside-outside poetry
  • sneaky poetry
  • tongue twister poetry
  • many more

The lessons in Poetry Patterns have two components:

  • The first page describes the poetry form and explains the pattern, shows one or more student-written examples, and gives suggestions for conducting the lesson.
  • The second page is a reproducible student work form. Steps are given to guide the student through the writing process for that poetry form. Many pages also provide an area where the completed poem may be written.

A final section of the book provides:

  • suggestions for sharing and collecting student poetry, including instructions on how to assemble and bind a poetry book
  • a bibliography of poetry collections appropriate for sharing with students
  • step-by-step instructions for all lessons
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