Poetry for You and Me

Poetry for You and Me

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Children love poetry! The rhythm and rhyme help them remember the lines, expanding their horizons, imaginations, and creativity in communicating joyful experiences with family and friends. The 24 delightful children’s poems in this large-print book include selections from poets such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Christina Rossetti. They cover topics such as God, animals, family, seasons, holidays, weather, familiar objects, and childhood thoughts. As you hold open this 9" x 12" poetry book for your child to view, he will be able to enjoy the beautiful illustrations that make the poems come to life. “Enjoying the Poem” sections include enrichment activities, a focus on rhyming words, and comprehension and thinking questions to stir the imagination of your four-year-old.

By reciting these poems from memory, your child will increase his capacity for memorization, learn many new words, and recognize rhyming words while improving his reading skills. This optional poetry book can be used to supplement your child’s poetry enjoyment. K4.



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