Poetic Ministry - CD

Poetic Ministry - CD

1999 Christ Church Ministerial Conference
by Douglas Wilson, Douglas Jones, Peter J. Leithart
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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Poetic knowledge describes that uniquely biblical, Solomonic, imaginative wisdom which permeates Scripture; a wisdom shaped by the world of poetry; a wisdom that is rational but not rationalistic; personal but not romantic. Ignorance of it breeds a theological and cultural immaturity which regularly shows up at the center of local and historical ecclesiastical conflicts. Poetic ministry is about the shepherding of souls.

Messages include (on eleven CDs):

  1. The Duty of Likemindedness, Douglas Wilson
  2. The Centrality of Imagination, Douglas Jones
  3. A History of Hellenism in the Church, Douglas Wilson
  4. The Great Code: The Bible's Poetic Worldview, Peter Leithart
  5. Preparing the Mind, Douglas Wilson
  6. The World of Metaphor, Douglas Jones
  7. Many Things in Parables: Poetry and Preaching, Peter Leithart
  8. Other Traditions of Poetic Knowledge, Douglas Jones
  9. Oral Tradition in the Local Church, Roy Atwood
  10. The Beauty of Holiness, Peter Leithart
  11. Fruitful Labor, Douglas Wilson
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