Poems for Patriarchs

Poems for Patriarchs

by Douglas W. Phillips (Editor)
Publisher: Vision Forum
Hardcover, 136 pages
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This is a compilation of inspirational and vision-communicating selections, both poems and verse, obscure and popular, selected because of the profound way they speak to the most important issues in a man's life. They are neither fluffy nor frilly, foppish nor foolish, but virile and often sage, all designed to address the various biblical roles, relationships, and seasons in a man's life, from early boyhood to his twilight years.

Pa·tri·arch (pa'tre-ärk') N. The word patriarch is derived from two Greek words. The first is patria (derived from pater, "father"), which means family." The second is arche, which means "beginning," "first origin," and "to rule." A patriarch is a family ruler, a household historian, a spiritual leader, a defender of children and womankind, and a man with a multi-generational vision.

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