Plowing In Hope

Plowing In Hope

Toward a Biblical Theology of Culture

by David Hegeman
Publisher: Canon Press
2nd Edition, ©2007, Publisher Catalog #I-102
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
Price: $12.00

The Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city.

The prevailing "culture war" is too ingrown. It holds that culture is primarily an ideological/religious struggle between good and evil, godly and rebellious art, literature, politics, philosophy, etc. But at its foundation, culture is about building, not about conflict. Doing culture from a positive, earth-transformational perspective will help us build a more comprehensive, radical, holistic culture in line with the principles of Scripture, with less opportunity for compromise with unbelieving cultures we might encounter.

This book aims to start us down the path toward a biblical theology of culture by providing a positive, clear, and colorful introduction to the topic. Hegeman shows that culture has a particular, God-ordained end in view: the development of the earth into a global network of gardens and cities in harmony with nature—a glorious garden city. The "cultural mandate" is grounded in God's command for us to rule the earth and work (till) the ground, bringing out all the hidden potentialities lying within. This calling was never rescinded but rather boldly reiterated in the New testament. Our cultural "plowing" has a prominent role in God's program for the earth and for the human race. It has been woven into the whole tapestry of mankind's history from the very beginning to the consummation and beyond.

"Many Christians are beginning to recognize that in the absence of a godly culture our civilization will continue its free fall, no matter how political they get. But when modern believers address culture, it appears they do little more than criticize Hollywood while doing 'Christian' MTV. David Hegeman's approach is refreshingly different. He maps out a positive theology of culture-building rooted in Creation and extending to the New Jerusalem. His wonderful new book, based on sound Biblical exegesis, presents a compelling case for why and how we should build a culture that magnifies God and ennobles men."
David Ayers, Ph.D.

"Romantic naturalists and pragmatic city dwellers alike must grapple with God's call to create culture. Plowing in Hope provides biblical purpose as many of us grapple with our paradoxical desires to be both farmer and technologist. Hegeman's artistic language, engaging examples, and thoughtful reasoning make for fruitful reading; he offers joyful expectancy to all faithful and hard-working servants of the Lord."
Brian Ray, Ph.D.

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