Plenty to Watch

Plenty to Watch

by Mitsu Yashima, Taro Yashima
Publisher: Viking Press
©1954, Item: 93481
Hardcover, 39 pages
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On an island far to the south of Japan is the village where Taro Yashima was a little boy. There, every day after school, the children ran eagerly down the road toward home. As they trotted past the shops and farms where each neighbor was busy with his work, so many interesting smells and sounds called the children to come and look!

Everything was fresh to their quick eyes—full of meaning and character which they reached out to grasp and understand.

The children through whose eyes you see the busy, peaceful village in Japan are as natural and inquisitive as children in any village, in any country. With words fresh as rain and colors alive with light and air, the Yashimas have captured the delight and importance of being young.

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