Plato's Meno with Introduction

Plato's Meno with Introduction

Special Student Edition

by Plato, Benjamin Jowett (Translator)
Publisher: Serenity Publishers
Print-on-demand paperback, 105 pages
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Plato's Meno with Introduction, Translated by Benjamin Jowett. ***Special Student Edition with a separate area on each page for notes.

"Meno is an absorbing look at the question of human virtue. As in most of Plato's dialogues, Meno features Socrates engaging a prominent thinker and attempting to draw out the implications of his theories. The topic at hand is virtue - what is it? Is it the same for everyone? Where does it come from? In Meno, Socrates also makes the case for the immortality of the soul, and knowledge as a process of remembering that which the soul already knows. Addressing Plato's central concern of how to live a good life, Meno is an important work, presented with the humor and vibrancy that has made Plato's writing timeless.

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