Plants Grown Up & Polished Cornerstones - CD-ROM

Plants Grown Up & Polished Cornerstones - CD-ROM

Printable Project and Bible Study Forms

Publisher: Doorposts
Price: $15.00

Save some trips to the copier! Many of the projects and Bible studies in Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones require copies of the forms included in the books, and now they are available on CD for easy printing from your own computer. This CD places more than 175 charts at your fingertips for quick lesson preparation. (Project and Bible study instructions are given in the books, and are not included with the CD.)

All study forms from both books are included on this one disk. (Make sure you order the correct CD for your books -- there's one CD for the 1st editions [1995] and one for the 2nd editions [2010]).

As an added bonus, the CD for 2nd edition books now contains the evaluation questions from the end of each chapter (100 additional pages)!

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