Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

Stories of Cutlasses and Corsairs, Buried Treasure and Buccaneers, Ships and Swashbucklers

Terrific Triple Title Series
by Phyllis R. Fenner (Selector), Manning de V. Lee (Illustrator)
Publisher: Franklin Watts
©1951, Item: 93150
Hardcover, 287 pages
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"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest..." Hoist the Jolly Roger to the topmast, crowd on all the canvas, and, while the green seas go swirling by, yo-ho for the life of a pirate! For here it is, in another of Phyllis Fenner's top-notch story collections this time about that swaggering, swashbuckling, uproarious breed of men: the buccaneers.

Here the tall-masted brigs and the Spanish galleons, richly laden, scud before the wind. The rakish pirate sloops storm over the horizon, their black flags billowing. The thundering broadsides of shot, the clashing swords and cutlasses, and the wild howls of pirate mobs resound. Through seaport towns strut swarthy, evil-looking men with dirks at their waist sashes and gold rings in their ears. And by moonlight, along lonely dunes, strange stealthy figures creep with treasure chests and spades. Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Stede Bonnet and Jean Lafitte, pirate captains, live again.

It's a rousing life of adventure, and these stories will take you back to it on the breath of the salt wind that blows through their pages.

There's variety a-plenty. A few of the stories: Tom Chist and the Treasure Box by Howard Pyle; Blackbeard by Anne Malcolmson; The Pirates of Charles Town Harbor by Rupert Sargent Holland; Pirate Gold by Charles Coppock.

Illustrated with Manning DeV. Lee's spirited drawings.

from the dust jacket

Full Contents:


  1. Two Chests of Treasure by Merritt P. Allen
  2. Turn and Turn About by Rupert Sargent Holland
  3. The Capture of a Brig by Stephen Meader
  4. Pirate Gold by Charles Coppock
  5. Augustus, Pirate by LeGrand
  6. Tom Chist and the Treasure Box by Howard Pyle
  7. The Pirate Rat by Jean Muir
  8. Cap'n Ezra, Privateer by James D. Adams
  9. Blackbeard by Anne Malcolmson
  10. Back to Treasure Island by Harold A. Calahan
  11. Mutineers Be Hanged by John F. Hinternhoff
  12. The Pirates of Charles Town Harbor by Rupert Sargent Holland
  13. Black Falcon by Armstrong Sperry
  14. Yankee Captain in Patagonia by Charles Finger






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