Pioneer Woman Cooks

Pioneer Woman Cooks

Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

by Ree Drummond
Hardcover, 256 pages
Current Retail Price: $27.50

This cookbook makes creating home-cooked meals easy. Every recipe has detailed step-by-step instructions complete with beautiful photography that documents the entire process. Just open it up to any page and your mouth will begin to water.

But this book is only part cookbook. Intermingled with the recipes are stories (accompanied by more lovely pictures) about ranch life in the midwest. In her charming, keepin’-it-real style, Ree Drummond tells of how she went from city girl on her way to law school in Chicago to rancher’s wife in the midwest. Goodbye downtown cafes and sushi bars; hello country kitchen stocked with steak and seasoning salt. She still loves to add a certain flair to her cooking, but most of the recipes in her cookbook are down-to-earth, home cooking meant to warm the heart and stick to the bones.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks would be an excellent choice for a new bride just turned loose on her own kitchen or for a woman used to cooking from boxes who would like to enter the world of “cooking from scratch.” The recipes are interesting, but simple (for the most part) and the book is fun and approachable. Even the seasoned cook will find inspiration in its pages!

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  Stories Are Fun, Desserts Are Too Sweet!
Amanda Evans of Oregon, 4/20/2011
When I don't feel like cooking, this is the book I turn to. The colorful pictures of delicious looking food spurs me on to create something tasty for my family.

My favorite section is her breakfast recipes. There are several hearty options that will keep you energized for hours and most of them involve bacon in some form or another. Her "Comfort Meatballs" have also become a staple in our home (for dinner, not breakfast!).

Maybe it's just me, but I've found nearly all of her desserts to be just too sweet! In most recipes I half the sugar and I definitely half all sweet toppings. That done: yum!

For the most part her recipes seem to be reliable (rising as they should, cooking times accurate, portions correct) but for one reason or another, I have had a few flops. But mostly I treat this book as an inspiration, a starting point from which I can go on to create my own delectable dishes. I think the Pioneer Woman would like that.