Pinky Pye

Pinky Pye

by Eleanor Estes
Publisher: Harcourt
Mass market paperback, 258 pages
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Meet Pinky, a furious black kitten who adopts the Pye family. The Pyes have some of the smartest pets around—there's Ginger the intellectual dog, and Gracie the clever old cat—but Pinky is more than smart enough to earn a place in the Pyes' hearts. She can box with Ginger, play games with Mr. Pye, and—Rachel and Jerry can hardly believe their eyes—even type out her life story!

Meditations of Pinky Pye

My name is Pinky because that is my name. I was named it. There was I, Pinky, living in the reeds and the rushes in that other land across the waters. Then one day a good character, Mr. Edgar Pye, and his girl, Rachel Pye, rescued me. What is in the eaves is the main thread of this story, and in the end I reveal the secret.

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