Pink Motel

Pink Motel

by Carol Ryrie Brink, Sheila Greenwald (Illustrator)
Publisher: Macmillan
©1959, Item: 21229
Hardcover, 181 pages
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When the Mellens took down the Closed sign on their very own Pink Motel in Florida, left to them by Uncle Hiram, and the regular winter guests arrived, there began for Kirby and Bitsy the most exciting summer of their lives so far.

There was Miss Ferry, the artist, who started Kirby on a search for Uncle Hiram's special secret; Miss P. DeGree with her three valuable poodles; Marvello, the magician; and two tall, dark and mysterious gentlemen who Kirby felt pretty sure were gangsters.

Kirby polished up his Junior G-Man badge and it's a good thing he did, because all the fun and adventure developed into a mystery and even a real kidnapping.

But he thoroughly enjoyed it all, including the thrill of an alligator hunt and the fun of staging a special end-of-the-season concert. And in the end he has the satisfaction of finally discovering Uncle Hiram's secret, which brings this jolly ad- venture to its heartwarming conclusion.

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