Pilgrims' London

Pilgrims' London

A Guide to London's Heritage of Faith

by Robert Baylis
Publisher: Lion Publishing
1st Edition, ©1990, ISBN: 9780745916453
Trade Paperback, 255 pages
Used Price: $7.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

Discover London's rich Christian heritage with the help of this thoroughly practical book, packed full of interesting sites to visit including historic churches, statues, monuments, gravestones, portraits and more.

London has been home to many great Christian personalities, and here some of the worldwide confessions – Baptists, Methodists, Salvationists – were born.  The city is full of reminders of lives and events. Piece the story together with the help of this book featuring:

  • Easy-to-follow maps
  • A-Z portraits introduce the movements and personalities
  • Introductions to each historical period
  • Notes on architectural styles
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