Pilgrim's Inn

Pilgrim's Inn

originally Herb of Grace

by Elizabeth Goudge
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Here for the pleasure of her countless readers is the first novel by Elizabeth Goudge since her famous Green Dolphin Street, now almost four years old. Pilgrim's Inn is Miss Goudge at her best—magic atmosphere, appealing lovers, delightful children, irresistible animals and, best of all, an interesting and exciting story.

The action centers around the affairs of the Eliots—Lady Lucilla Eliot, the matriarch, at eighty-six still enchanting, still courageous, still directing the lives of her children and grandchildren; General George Eliot, the eldest son, military and literal- minded; his beautiful wife Nadine; their five children among whom is the sensitive, artistic fifteen-year-old Ben and the mischievous twins, Jerry and

José; David Eliot, Lucilla's favorite grandson, a handsome and popular actor; the lovely, fresh, and charming young Sally Adair, daughter of the famous portrait painter John Adair; Uncle Hilary, a modern St. Francis; and the mysterious Annie- Laurie and Jim Maloney, itinerant entertainers whose lives become bound up with the Eliots'. There are also Pooh-Bah and the Bastard, two dogs of distinct individuality.

The story is presented against a background of fragrant countryside, magic woods, and the healing grace of the old house itself, whose history as an inn for pilgrims provides one exciting adventure for the artistic Ben. All the elements which Elizabeth Goudge's vast following expect in her books are here: the humor and the compassion and understanding; the vivid descriptive passages and the sharp characterization; and, above all, the rich, satisfying story, beautifully told.

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