Picturesque Tale of Progress: Conquests I

Picturesque Tale of Progress: Conquests I

Volume III

by Olive Beaupre Miller
1949 Edition, ©1957, Item: 64816
Hardcover, 313 pages
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A Picturesque Tale of Progress was first published in nine volumes in 1949 and was reprinted several times from 1949 to 1957. It was written by Olive Beaupre Miller and Harry Neal Baum and was published by Miller's company, The Book House for Children. The 1949 set is the third version of her history series, first published as My Book of History: A Picturesque Tale of Progress in four volumes in 1929.

In 1935, the set was divided into 8 thinner volumes and renamed A Picturesque Tale of Progress. In 1949, the 8-volume set was expanded to a 9-volume set with the addition of a complete Index to the series. Each volume is bound in black hardcovers with gilt titles and color paste-down illustrations. Each volume is profusely illustrated in black and white and in color. Many of the illustrations are by notable book illustrators. The nine volumes in this set are Volume 1: Beginnings, Part 1; Volume 2: Beginnings, Part 2; Volume 3: Conquests, Part 1; Volume 4: Conquests, Part 2; Volume 5: New Nations, Part 1; Volume 6: New Nations, Part 2; Volume 7: Explorations, Part 1; Volume 8: Explorations, Part 2, and Volume 9: Index.

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