Picture History of Great Inventors

Picture History of Great Inventors

by Gillian Clements
Trade Paperback, 77 pages
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Have you ever wondered who invented the calculator? Or what the first ever map of the world was made of? Here is an entertaining and fact-packed introduction to the great inventors of the world. Follow the lives and work of over 50 major innovators as you set off on a journey from the earliest inventions in recorded history to the most recent developments in science and technology.

Colorful, decade-by-decade catalog of the world's greatest inventors. Illustrated with 800+ drawings, and bursting with facts, Great Inventors celebrates ingenuity of people throughout the ages. Fascinating read for those curious about the notable, and not so notable, technical achievements that have shaped our lives.

Clements's concise yet conversational text and accurate drawings focus on some 60 inventions that have greatly influenced civilization, at the same time spotlighting hundreds of other intriguing discoveries and events. Evidence of the author's fastidious research fills this paper-over-board volume's colorful spreads, each of which is packed with informative sidebars, spot art (much of it accompanied by humorous asides) and an illustrated timeline that helps place the inventions in historical context. After offering an overview of ancient and medieval inventors, Clements zeroes in on key individuals, including Johannes Gutenberg, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Theodore Maiman. Her edifying book concludes with an extensive illustrated glossary. Ages 8-12. (May)

This revised edition introduces readers to sixty major inventors, from the unknown inventor of the wheel to today's developers of virtual reality.

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