Pickle-Chiffon Pie

Pickle-Chiffon Pie

by Roger Bradfield
Publisher: Purple House Press
Hardcover, 64 pages
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Pickle-Chiffon Pie is a story without a villain. No fighting, no bloodshed, but still exciting and fast-moving. It is a tale that stretches the imagination: the reader must accept a juggling lion (six cans of root beer at once!) and a sixteen-footed Gazoo. Not a hard assignment for a child, but perhaps a bit more difficult for a worldly grown-up.

Take heart, you staid elders. The story has elements running throughout that should appeal to adults as well as children (how ’bout mice that paint in the fashion of Picasso, Matisse, Grant Wood and even Toulouse Lautrec?) because the author knew that if a story IS A REALLY GOOD ONE, parents everywhere would be commanded by their children to read it aloud again and again. And maybe even once more…

Roger Bradfield studied at the Minneapolis School of Art, the

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