Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics

Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics

by Roger Bradfield
Publisher: Purple House Press
Hardcover, 64 pages
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After nearly 50 years Jolly Roger wrote his sequel to Pickle-Chiffon Pie: Here’s the tale of a fourteenth-century Olympics, with sports like dragon wrestling and the 100-yard moat swim, in which the victor wins the hand of a fair princess — along with a surprise ending!

I, King Rupert Pickle XIV, hereby declare that all the characters and events chronicled in this tale are true and authentic. All the people portrayed by the author lived at the time of the Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics held in June of 1348.

The Olympic events reported in the story (dragon wrestling, the giant climb, the moat swim, etc.) actually took place and the winners accurately reported herein. None of the names were changed, nor were locations altered.

I have affixed my royal seal and do hereby attest to the accuracy of this statement. (Well, sort of.)

Rupert XIV

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