Physical Science - Teacher Edition

Physical Science - Teacher Edition

6th Edition, ©2020, Publisher Catalog #515460
Price: $91.39

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Physical Science Teacher Edition (4th ed.) is the essential companion volume to the textbook. It is a two-volume, spiral bound book that neatly opens flat for reference or at the podium when teaching. Every textbook page includes large wrap-around margins. In these you will find subject overviews, suggested teaching schedules, and teacher helps for bulletin boards and field trips. The side margins also contain topic background information, detailed explanations, resources, cues for visual packet images and suggested laboratory activities. Most importantly, the teacher's edition contains complete answers to the more than 1,200 review questions in the textbook. All reference content in the back of the teacher's edition is printed full-sized for ease of use. This book also includes a comprehensive Support Material CD that contains many additional resources for the student and the teacher.

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