Phonogram Game Cards

Phonogram Game Cards

by Wanda Sanseri
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  • 70 cards on white hard stock with "book face" print
  • 70 cards on yellow hard stock with "cursive" writing

The back of game cards simply have an arrow facing up so they can easily be sorted from the back with all cards facing up. Game cards do not replace regular phonogram cards with teacher notes on the back.

Play the "Memory Game." Started with matching pairs of your choice. Scramble the cards and place face-down a pile of white cards in one corner of a table and the matching yellow cards in another corner. A student will turn over a white card, say the sound(s) of the book face phonogram and then try to turn over the matching cursive phonogram. If he finds a set and can say the sound(s) correctly, he can keep the pair and take another turn. If the cards he picks do not match, he returns the cards to the same place where he found them. The next person has a chance to find a pair. Game continues until all cards on the table have been matched. The winner is the one who has collected the most sets.

The Phonogram Game Cards can also be used with any favorite board game. Give the student a stack of phonogram game cards. She draws the top one. If she can say the sound(s) correctly, she can earn the right to take her regular turn in the game. Permission is granted to a teacher to photocopy additional cards for her own personal use.

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