Phonogram Bingo

Phonogram Bingo

A fun way to learn all 70 phonograms!

by Britta McColl
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Phonogram Bingo is a good warm up on the phonograms that need the most work that day/week. This unique set of Phonogram Bingo cards follows the most up-to-date order of teaching in Spell to Write and Read.

  • Card numbers 1 and 1A start with the clock face letters that will be the first letters you teach your child.
  • Card numbers 2 and 2A complete the second half of the 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • Card numbers 3 and 3A have all the multi letter phonograms in the order they are introduced in the WISE Guide
    spelling lists A-C.
  • Card numbers 4 and 4A have all the phonograms in the order they are introduced in the WISE Guide
    spelling lists D-F.
  • Card numbers 5 and 5A have all the phonograms in the order they are introduced in the WISE Guide
    spelling lists G-I. This is all 70 of the basic phonograms your child need to know to successfully learn with SWR.
  • Card numbers 6 and 6A feature the first part of the 26 letters of the alphabet starting with the clock face letters in
  • Card numbers 7 and 7A features the final letters that complete the first 26 letters in cursive.

You get a total of 14 Bingo cards printed on high quality card stock paper.

How to Play Phonogram Bingo:

You, the teacher, first say all the sounds of each phonogram. The children echo you, then put a marker on the correct phonogram. If you choose to use edible markers like carrot rounds, chocolate chips or M&M's, children can eat the markers at the end of the game. Of course, non-edible markers such as Legos or pennies (or almost anything) can also be used. You can play "cover-all Bingo" where you cover the entire card. But if you are in a hurry, you could just play to cover one row of the card, 4 corners, or whichever phonograms you most wanted to practice that day.

After the card is covered I have my children take the bingo markers off one by one. As they take off a marker I have them say the sound(s) the phonogram makes, move onto to the next phonogram, and repeat the process. Only after saying the sound(s) do they eat the Bingo markers (if edible).

Following the bingo game, I give a short phonogram quiz on the phonograms that were on that day's bingo card. Since each card features only 15 phonograms this is very doable as a day's work.

If your children are unsure of the phonograms for the quiz you can set the bingo card in their view to prompt them. After a few days, do the same phonogram quiz without the bingo card!

I have noticed that since I started playing Phonogram Bingo regularly my son has mastered some two letter phonograms that were previously foggy for him. This has had a very positive impact on his spelling dictation because now these phonograms are automatic for him.


When you purchase this set of Phonogram Bingo cards you are given permission to photocopy as many as you need for your entire family or classroom. The existing set you purchase has enough cards for a two-player game.

Happy gaming with SWR!

Britta McColl

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