Phonics Museum Reader #13

Phonics Museum Reader #13

My Clara

by Rachel Jankovic, Rebecca Evans (Illustrator)
Publisher: Veritas Press
Student Reader, 31 pages
Price: $3.00

This is the thirteenth of thirty-one readers used in the Veritas Press Phonics Museum program, designed for first grade.

Sample Section:

The thrush still was hopping on and on and Clara with her.
As they trod across the wet moss into the black walnut thicket, Calara did thrust off her snug clogs.

Story Background:

Imagine a world of men and magic, dragons and danger, ballads and beauty, harrowing adventures and happy endings. You have just entered the world of Fantasy. As we look inside this realm, it becomes a window through which we can view the hearts of men. This enchanted kingdom reveals the deepest desires of the soul: some are heroic in battle or drawn across a placid mountain lake by a swan; others sing the praises of their virtuous queen or watch a scoundrel being brought to justice for his malicious deeds.

Fairy tales originated from folklore that was passed throughout the generations as oral traditions. While providing a source of entertainment in an era without television and video games, explaining a historical event or conveying a desired principle of life was their primary intent. It was in the 16th century that these tales of time began to be compiled and recorded in written form. Charles Perrault is recognized as the man responsible for immortalizing many familiar fairy tales such as The Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella.

Critics of fairy tales argue that the mature themes and plots of many stories are ghastly, corrupting the minds of the young children who hear them. In fact, many of Perrault's original stories included sordid details that were not passed on to their present form. Yet, when compared to life in the 16th century, even these original stories simply reflected the harsh living conditions of the day. Fairy tales sought to blend blissful fantasy with that harsh reality. Other authors, such as the Brothers Grimm, Lewis, and Tolkien sought to impart life-long principles while captivating and developing the imaginations of children. My Clara is another step in the preparation for children to dwell in the glorious, treasure-filled lands like Middle-Earth, Narnia, or Arthurian England.

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