Phonics Museum Reader #07

Phonics Museum Reader #07

Ben and His Pen

by Emily Fischer, Matthew Clark (Illustrator)
Publisher: Veritas Press
Student Reader, 31 pages
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This is the seventh of thirty-one readers used in the Veritas Press Phonics Museum program. Designed for kindergarten, this tells a silly story about Ben Franklin using mostly one-syllable words that review all the short vowel sounds, and begin to work with double consonants (like ll and ff), as well as the ck blend.

Sample Section:

When Ben was a man
The American men were upset with the men in red.
Ben ran to get a pen.
He put in pen a bill.

Story Background:

Ben is the well-known early American patriot, Benjamin Franklin. He was a highly regarded statesman during America's struggle for independence from England. His visits to England and France were instrumental in bringing about victory for the colonies over the British in the American Revolution of 1775-1781. By participating in many of the decisions and document of the War for Independence, Franklin's popularity was an important factor in bringing France into the war on the side of the colonists.

Ben had many different jobs during his life, reflecting his broad range of abilities. In addition to being a statesman, Franklin was also a writer, scientist, inventor, and printer. He is probably best noted for writing Poor Richard's Almanac which was a collection of simple and witty sayings. One of his renowned sayings is: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." As the first postmaster general, he also made sure the writings of others reached their intended destination.

Franklin's accomplishments as a scientist and inventor are documented as well. Most people can picture Ben flying a kite in a thunderstorm to discover that lightning is really electricity. Furthermore, his list of inventions includes bifocals, the Franklin stove, and lightning rods—all practical discoveries that are still used today.

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