Phonics Museum Reader #03 (old)

Phonics Museum Reader #03 (old)

To the Rim of the Map

by Eric Vanderhoof
Publisher: Veritas Press
Student Reader, 31 pages
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This is the third of thirty-one readers used in the Veritas Press Phonics Museum program. Designed for kindergarten, this tells the story of the Mayflower using one-syllable words that have the short A, E, and I sounds.

Sample Section:

The big rig ran with pep.
It did dip, but it did not tip.
The big rig was a fit rig.

Story Background:

In 1620 the Mayflower, with its 102 passengers, sailed from England to North America. These Pilgrims included a group called the Separatists who believed that they should separate from the Church of England. Earlier they had moved to Holland to avoid persecution However, life in the Netherlands did not prove to be any less difficult. In October they set sail for an uncharted land to establish a new home.

The Mayflower was an old merchant ship that had been converted to carry settlers to North America. Living conditions were terrible and each passenger had the living space equivalent to that of a single bed. Throughout the journey illness, hunger, death and accidents disheartened the travelers. Yet, the godly men on board continually relied upon God's providential care to encourage them. After a 65-day voyage across the Atlantic, the wearied group sighted land and dropped anchor near Cape Cod. They readily gave thanks to God for His divine protection and even named the site Provincetown.

Before the Pilgrims disembarked the ship, the Mayflower Compact was signed by 41 of the 44 men who agreed to live within certain laws. After five weeks of exploration the band led by Capt. Miles Standish and the newly elected governor, William Bradford, founded the small settlement called Plymouth Plantation. Plymouth was the first successful colony in New England and became the origin of the United States.

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