Phoenix Forest

Phoenix Forest

by Lorus Milne, Margery Milne, Elinor Van Ingen (Illustrator)
Publisher: Atheneum
First Ediition, ©1968, Item: 86957
Hardcover, 114 pages
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From the dust jacket:

LEGEND SAYS that the phoenix bird lived for five hundred years, then created for itself a great heap of sticks upon which it died and was burned, only to rise from the ashes young and ready for another five hundred years.

Trees create for themselves a phoenix nest of fallen leaves, sticks and other rubble, that after many years are an equal pyre. One well-placed bolt of lightning can make a fire that will consume a forest, burning from tree to tree and from rubble to rubble. But from that burned forest, in time, there can come new life that is more abundant than the first.

This book tells the story of a destructive fire and the regeneration of life on the burned land. It also tells how fire can be used creatively in managed forests to maintain life in its most useful state.

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