Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult

Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult

A Beginner's Guide to Life's Big Questions

by Garrett J. DeWeese, J.P. Moreland
Publisher: IVP Academic Press
First Paperback Edition, ©2005, ISBN: 9780830827664
Trade Paperback, 171 pages
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From time to time we all face life's big questions . . .

  • What is real?
  • How do we know what we know?
  • What is right?
  • Who or what am I?
  • How should we view science and its claims?

And as we wrestle with these issues, we may even find ourselves thinking, Perhaps what I need is a good dose of philosophy. It's a shame philosophy is so difficult. Garrett DeWeese and J. P. Moreland understand this frustration and in this book offer help to make philosophy at least slightly less difficult. In straightforward language with everyday examples, they explain the basics needed to understand philosophical concepts and thus bring clarity to discussions of life's big questions. Students, pastors, campus workers and ordinary Christians will all benefit from this user-friendly guide.

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