Philip of Texas (abridged)

Philip of Texas (abridged)

by James Otis, Mary Evelyn McCurdy (Editor)
Publisher: Notgrass Company
Trade Paperback, 158 pages
List Price: $6.95 Sale Price: $5.91

Philip is twelve years old when his family leaves their Mississippi plantation to establish a ranch in the new Republic of Texas. Though dangers abound, Philips works hard to grow his twelve sheep in this vast new land.

Editor's note:

In preparing this edition of Philip of Texas, I have omitted certain passages related to animals that contain gory detail. I have also omitted a few passages that I felt would be tedious for today's young readers. Most of the story, however, remains in its original form.

At the time this story takes place, many people of European descent treated native and enslaved people unjustly through their words and actions. The original version of Philip of Texas contains some offensive comments about these people. For this edition, I have altered or omitted those comments. The story still has enslaved characters and speaks of conflict between "Indians" and people of European descent.

Learning about these aspects of American history is important, but learning about them is not the same as condoning them. They were a part of real life for many people in our country. We must learn about our nation's past—both good and bad—so that we are better equipped to make America a better place today.

Mary Evelyn McCurdy, Editor

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