Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

A New Translation

by Gaston Leroux, Lowell Bair (Translator)
Publisher: Bantam Books
Trade Paperback, 274 pages
List Price: $5.95 Sale Price: $5.06

Historical Setting: 1870s Paris

Gaston Leroux is one of the originators of the detective story, and The Phantom of the Opera is his tour de force, as well as being the basis forAndrew Lloyd Webber'shit Broadway musical. A superb suspense story and dark tale of obsession, Phantom has thrilled and entertained audiences in adaptations throughout the century.

This new translation—the first completely modern and Americanized translation—unfurls the full impact of this classic thriller for modern readers. It offers a more complete rendering of the terrifying figure who emerges from the depths of the glorious Paris Opera House to take us into the darkest regions of the human heart. After the breathtaking performance of the lovely Christine Daae and her sudden disappearance, the old legend of the "opera ghost" becomes a horrifying reality as the ghost strikes out with increasing frequency and violence—always with the young singer at the center of his powerful obsession. Leroux has created a masterwork of love and murder—and a tragic figure who awakens our deepest and most forbidden fears.

This is the only complete, unabridged modern Americanized translation available. Lowell Bair is the acclaimed translator of such Bantam Classics as Madame Bovary, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and Candide.

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