Peter and the Rabbits

Peter and the Rabbits

by Arthur Kubler, Roseanna Hoover (English Translation)
Publisher: Atheneum
First US Edition, ©1969, Item: 91066
Hardcover, 25 pages
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Tend the king's rabbits for four days and marry the princess and become king! It sounded so easy, and the reward so promising, that even three lazy boys were willing to try it.

"Better not go," said the father to each son in turn. "You may find it is not so easy as it sounds."

But the boys did not listen, and so, as is usual in old tales, the first two found a reward they did not seek.

The third, however, with the kindness, wit, and cunning that seem to be the lot of youngest sons in such tales, did more than he was asked and won the reward.

The charm of this story is not that it is unexpected, but that the expected does happen. It makes a funny, satisfying book, full of rich, lively illustrations.

– From the dust jacket

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