Paul Revere and the Minute Men

Paul Revere and the Minute Men

Landmark #4
by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Publisher: Random House
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Young Paul Revere was proud of his French father. It was from his father that Paul learned every trick and detail of silvermaking. In time he became such a fine silversmith that his craftsmanship alone would have made him famous.

But as Paul grew older, things happened—great things—that drew his attention from his craft. History was being made in Boston, and in every part of the thirteen colonies. Paul couldn't sit back and watch History march past his door. Not he! He had to get right out and join the parade! 

So it happened that Paul Revere was selected to warn the Minute Men of Lexington and Concord that the British soldiers were coming. 

And that wasn't all he did for his country. During the Revolution, and for years after, his great talents were put to use to fill many needs of the new-born United States.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher has given us not only an exciting life of Paul Revere but also a fascinating account of what was happening in Boston and elsewhere during those early days.

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