Paul Buyan

Paul Buyan

Twenty-One Tales of the Legendary Logger

by Esther Shephard, Rockwell Kent (Illustrator)
Publisher: Odyssey Press
Reissue, ©2006, ISBN: 9780152058579
Trade Paperback, 256 pages
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Paul Bunyan was never "stumped," and no job was ever too big for him and his blue ox to handle. From Michigan to Minnesota, from North Dakota to the Pacific Northwest, wherever Paul went, he liked to do things in a big way.

In Esther Shepard's classic collection, originally published in 1924, the Paul Bunyan stories are superbly told in folksy narrative and robustly illustrated with Rockwell Kent's line drawings. These twenty-one tales about the super lumberjack are a unique American contribution to the world's folklore.

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