Paper John

Paper John

by David Small
©1989, Item: 89833
Hardcover, 32 pages
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One day a gentle stranger named John comes to the village by the sea. He makes his living folding paper into birds and masks and bouquets of flowers, which he sells in the marketplace. He folds paper boats for the village children and he even builds himself a house made of paper. The townsfolk call him Paper John, and say he's so good-natured a fellow he could get along with the devil himself.

When his fishing lines ensnare a small gray demon, John rescues the wicked creature, making him supper and then folding him a comfortable bed to sleep in. But his ungrateful guest is up to no good, and all of Paper John's patience and skill are put to the test when he is the only person who can try to foil the gray devil's one destructive trick.

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