Papa Panov's Special Christmas

by Leo Tolstoy
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Papa Panov’s Special Christmas is a heart-warming story of lonely shoemaker Papa Panov’s generosity reflects the true spirit of Christmas. In this edition, the much loved text is complemented by charming hand-drawn illustrations capturing the changing mood of the story.

Your child will love Papa Panov’s Special Christmas. Papa Panov is a widowed, lonely shoemaker whose only wish is to worship the Christ child and give him the finest pair of shoes he’s ever made. On Christmas Eve he has a dream that he hears the voice of God telling him to look out for Jesus during the following day. The story focuses on his reactions to the people that he meets on Christmas Day.

A classic holiday tale with warm and whimsical illustrations. Originally written by French author Reuben Saillens and later retold by Leo Tolstoy, this endearing story has now acquired the status of a folk-tale.

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